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Itinerary For a One Day on a Rental Bike in Tel Aviv

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Are you planning a trip to Tel Aviv and looking for a unique and active way to explore the city? Renting a bike is a great option, allowing you to see all that Tel Aviv has to offer at your own pace. In this article, we'll provide a detailed itinerary (with room for flexibility) for a day of biking in Tel Aviv on a rental bicycle, taking you to some of the city's most popular sights and attractions. From the bustling beaches to the charming neighborhoods, this bike tour is sure to be a fun and memorable way to experience Tel Aviv. So hop on your bike and let's get started!

Grab your rental bike on Bograshov Street and get ready!

1. Take the bike lane down Bograshov street to the beach: Tel Aviv is known for its beautiful beaches, and biking is a great way to get there.

2. Bike south along the boardwalk bike path to Old Jaffa. The beachfront bike lane can be a whole day by itself, running from beyond the northern border of Tel Aviv all the way to the port in Old Jaffa. Old Jaffa is a historic ancient neighborhood with narrow streets so it might be best to lock up your bike and explore for a little while on foot. There are plenty of hidden corners and alleys to discover. My favorite hummus in the city, and one of the most famous hummus shops in Israel is called Abu Hassan - check them out for a snack or lunch!

3. After exploring Jaffa Head up the bike lane on Jerusalem Street in Jaffa (one of the newest bike lanes in the city) to Mesila Park: This park is a popular spot for locals to relax and enjoy the outdoors. The bike lane here runs next to the old train tracks which connected Jaffa to Tel Aviv. Follow the bike lane through the park and stop for a break at one of the many benches or grassy areas.

4. Stop for lunch at Teder or Mirage: These restaurants, located along Mesila park next to the bike lane are operated by the famous Israeli chef Eyal Shani. Both are great places to grab a bite to eat and sit outside with a great view to people-watch and feel the city.

5. Continue on the bike lane to Rothschild Street which is one continuous bike lane down the center of one of the most famous streets in Tel Aviv. At the end of Rothschild street is Habima Square: This bustling square is home to the national theater and is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. Take a quick break to soak up the atmosphere before continuing on your ride.

6. Continue on the bike lane on Chen Street to Rabin Square. This is the largest public square in Tel Aviv and is the infamous location of the assassination of former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. The Yitzhak Rabin Museum is located next to the square where you can make a stop and learn about an important and tragic time in Israel's history.

7. Continue down the bike lane on Ben Gurion street which passes the first prime minister's old home all the way to Atrium Square. This is a beautiful lookout point over Gordon beach and you can see south all the way to Old Jaffa and North to the Tel Aviv Port.

8. Head north in the bike lane to Independence park overlooking the beach and connect back down to the beach bike lane. You can return along the beach bike lane to Bograshov street and get back to the Yalla Bikes shop: After a fun and active afternoon of biking, return your rental bike and rest up for your next adventure in Tel Aviv.

Summary of the day

The most amazing part of this adventure is that you almost never have to leave the amazing network of bike lanes while covering a huge portion of our beautiful city.

You can explore many of the most famous and historic sites in Tel Aviv all from the comfort and safety of the bike lanes, and take breaks for food and pictures along the way. While these directions may sound confusing now if you are not familiar with Tel Aviv, just get on the first bike lane and start riding and you'll find that it is much easier to stick to the path than you might imagine.

This is just a rough outline of what you may want to do with a day on a rental bike in Tel Aviv. Feel free to follow the route exactly for an amazing day of sightseeing, or stray from the path to build your own adventure and make memories that will last a lifetime. Stop in the Yalla Bikes Shop and we can help you understand this itinerary better or build your very own plan to maximize your time in Tel Aviv!

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