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Social Group Rides, MASA Activities, Company Fun Days and More...

We offer a variety of bike actives perfect for groups. Join one of our pre-planned social group rides to meet other young people in Tel Aviv or bring your team for an afternoon of fun at Yalla Bikes. Whatever size your group or type of bike ride you are looking for we already have or can work to plan the perfect experience for you!

Group at Park in Jaffa

Friday Morning Group Rides

Every Friday morning from 10am-noon we go on a group ride with the community from @OliminTLV. Come with your own bike or rent from us and start the weekend off meeting other young Olim and Locals while exploring the city on a bicycle!

Yom Kef for Companies

The easiest Yom Kef you will ever plan! This is a great team building activity and a perfect way to reward your team with some much needed time outside. Choose a date and time and we'll do the rest. Perfect for all ages and fitness levels - send us a message to book your next activity out of the office!

Group of Bikers at Jaffa Port
Bike Group at Jerusalem Beach

MASA Group Activities

Looking for a great way to show your particiapnts the city while building new connections within the group? Yalla Bikes has the perfect solution for you. Our founder Jake is a former MASA participant from 2020 so we know exactly what the group needs. Perfect for new groups looking to get a better feel for Tel Aviv or ongoing groups looking for a fun new activity to keep kids engaged while getting a bit of exercise.

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