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Hop on a bike and have the freedom to explore like a local.

Bike Rentals and Tours in Tel Aviv

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Bike Rentals

Unlock a new side of Tel Aviv

Welcome to your gateway to effortless exploration! Our bike rental service is your key to unlocking Tel Aviv and Jaffa at your own pace. Whether you want to ride along the scenic coastline or dive into the heart of the city's historic markets and streets, our top-quality city bikes are waiting for you.

Bike Tours

Discover Tel Aviv and Jaffa like never before!

Do you want a bike tour tailored for the young at heart? Our tours are all about the good times - you can forget about those typical history tours that drown you in information.


We'll take you to the coolest neighborhoods, show you hidden gems, stop for breathtaking views, throw in a few fun facts, and have a lot of laughs along the journey through TLV and Jaffa.


Best of all - we customize each tour to cater to you. If you want to ride fast and cover as much ground as possible or prefer a leisurely pace stopping for snacks and photos, we’ll create the perfect experience just for you. Ready for an unforgettable ride? Join us today!


Group Rides
MASA, Yom Kef, Social rides...

These bike events are a great perfect to meet people in Tel Aviv area or build connections with your group or team. You can soak up some sun, stretch your legs, and see some of our amazing city while spending time with your group. We have social rides every Friday morning at 10am and can plan company/MASA events whenever fits your schedule. Send us a message to book your next group event!

conoce a jake

Soy Jake y vine a Tel Aviv desde los EE. UU. en un programa MASA en 2020, cuando nació la idea de Yalla Bikes. ¡Desde entonces hice Aliyah y ahora vivo permanentemente aquí en Tel Aviv!​

¡Siempre me ha gustado andar en bicicleta! Cuando llegué a Tel Aviv, encontrar una bicicleta fue un desafío. La barrera del idioma, la falta de información sobre precios y el esfuerzo de mantener una bicicleta fueron abrumadores. ¡Por eso fundé Yalla Bikes! Quiero que alquilar y tener una bicicleta sea divertido y sin estrés para todos en Tel Aviv.

Jake on a bike

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